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Long Island Holiday themed meetup if anyone is interested

Date: December 19th
Seeing the Nutcracker performed by the Long Island Ballet Center being performed at Islip Town Hall West. It costs $18 and the show is at 3pm.
401 Main Street
Islip, NY 11751

Before that I was thinking around 12pm we could go to
ROBINSON'S TEA ROOM: Stony Brook Village Center, 97 E. Main St., 631-751-1232

Decor includes lace curtains, floral tablecloths, lots of flower arrangements, teapots and cups, which are for sale. Tea service includes pot of freshly brewed loose tea and tiered plate of house-made scones, clotted cream, raspberry preserves, assorted finger sandwiches (ham salad, tuna salad, cucumber), assorted pastries (vanilla custard tart, white chocolate mousse in chocolate candy shell) and petits fours.

Tab $25 a person


If anyone has an idea for a place for a photoshoot please let me know. Considering how cold it will be lets try to keep it indoors
For attire I'm still leaning towards Christmas colors but another idea I had was that we each dresses up like a different nutcracker character. Like for the sugar plum fairy you could wear pink sweet lolita, Or Clara would wear like classic lolita, or a snow flake would wear Shiro, Uncle Drosselmeyer would wear Dandy and the Nutcracker would wear Aristocrat.

So let me know what you think and if you want to come send me a pm and we can work out ticket money through paypal. Id like to have the money by december 9th so I can order the tickets.

For more information check out the original posts on li_lolita
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