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Alice Fururun ordering guide

Hi c:

Alice Fururun is a japanese second hand store, similar to Closet Child, Fairy Angel, Tokyo Alice or Grand Bazaar. Their prices are generally lower than Closet Child's or Fairy Angel's, and unlike Grand Bazaar, they do ship internationally and accept Paypal payments.
You can read more about them in the following entries:

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To order, you can send them an email about the item(s) you're interested in, or use the shopping cart directly. Here's a step by step guide on doing the latter c:

~STEP 1~

"Oh my! A lovely item for a reasonable price! I have to snag it right up!"
Click the dark blue "Add to cart" button in the lower right hand corner, after checking that the quantity is set to '1'.

~STEP 2~

This will take you to this page. You only need to select the "EMS (Overseas shipping)" option on the drop-down menu at the bottom and click the dark blue button next to it.

~STEP 3~

This is basically a log-in page. You don't need an account to order, but check-out will be easier & quicker if you have one because you won't have to enter all your personal info again.
Otherwise, just click the dark blue button next to the "Overseas order" option.
(I'm not entirely sure how to register for an account, especially without a japanese address, so I can't help you with that, sorry!)

~STEP 4~

Here's the most annoying part. You'll need to fill in all the fields that are underlined in red in the left column, the rest can be ignored.

x in the "Destination Country" line, the first box is for your postal code; the second box is for your country; and you'll have to select "Overseas" in the drop-down menu.

x be careful about the "postage" line: they basically ask you how much you'd be ready to pay for shipping, and in case the actual amount exceeds that, they will automatically cancel your order (at first they asked you if you wanted to proceed with the order or cancel it, but now they don't wait for your response anymore). To make sure this won't happen, check "ne problem".
Now, click on the dark blue button at the bottom.

~STEP 5~

This is the last page; you need to check that all the info is correct, then click on the dark blue button at the bottom left to confirm the order.
Please note that the shipping charge is automatically given as 1 yen; this is not the actual amount, just a symbolical amount so the automated check-out can go through. They will tell you the actual shipping price in an email later on.

~STEP 6~

You will then be taken to another page basically saying that your order went through and they sent you a first, automated confirmation email.
(Sorry I don't have a screencap of this one, I didn't take screencaps while I was actually ordering but only when I specifically 'mock ordered' something to illustrate this guide, so I didn't actually confirm the order - my name is also not Jane Doe, sorry to disappoint :p)

The email will look something like this:

The blacked out bits being the info you filled in previously.

~STEP 7~

A couple of days later, you should receive a second confirmation email telling you the shipping amount & total price, and asking you if you still want to purchase the item. They'll also send you a Paypal invoice.

It'll look something like this:

The blacked out bits being, again, the info you filled in previously.
As you can see their english isn't the best.
The part about "I changed a procedure on November 27" most likely refers to what I mentioned above: before, if the actual shipping cost exceeded what you'd indicated while ordering, they gave you the option of either proceeding with the order anyway or cancelling it. Now, if the actual shipping cost exceeds what you've indicated while ordering, they will automatically cancel your order without asking you first.
The part about "I send an email of the request of paypl to you other than this email." refers to the fact that they sent me a separate invoice to my Paypal email, which is different from my contact email.
The part about "When an email of the request does not reach you from me, When your ID was different, Please remit you to my ID." means that if you haven't received their invoice because the Paypal info you gave them while ordering was faulty, you should send the payment directly to the Paypal address written below.

~STEP 8~

A couple of days after you pay your invoice, they will ship your stuff and send you a confirmation email including tracking number, like so:

I hope this is helpful to at least some of you!
Most credit should go to maromi123, she's the one who explained the whole process to me and I probably wouldn't have been able to order without her help ♥
Let me know if I need to correct or clarify anything, and don't hesitate to ask if you've got any questions! I've only bought from them once and haven't received the item yet, so I'm not the most knowledgeable on the subject, but I'll do my best to help c:
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