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Sewing help with altering blouse

Good evening everyone.

This is my first post here, and I want to ask you for some advice.

I bought this blouse:

And the sleeves are a bit too long on me, and the elastic at the beginning of the sleeve is too wide, so I want to alter it a bit.

The sleeves can be taken of, and are easy to reattach to the blouse, with a simple button and elastic system.

That looks like this:



As you might be able to guess, the elastic goes over the button, so it keeps the sleeve up.

But the sleeves are way to long on me, so I placed one button more up (towards the shoulder) (I used different buttons, because I still want to be able to make the alterings undone for when I might want to sell the blouse someday)

Do you think this is a good way to 'shorten' the sleeves?

Sleeve before altering:

And my second question is:

Since the elastic in the underarm part of the blouse is to wide on me, does anyone have an idea for me how to make this a bit tighter, without tearing the blouse apart? (I'm just a moderate sewer, buttons aren't a problem, but this is way different)

elastic in sleeve:

Thanks for commenting :D
And if something in the post is not allowed, or should be changed, please let me know ^^

Greetings, Roozu-chan

Edit: Sorry for the long post *oops*

Tags: garment: blouses/cutsews, sewing: help/questions
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