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Music Themed Photopost - violin x piano x Christmas

These pictures were actually taken last Christmas but due to laziness (and the fact that I wasn't quite satisfied with the pics or my coordinate/makeup/hair situation) I haven't posted them. But now that this month's theme is music and it's nearly Christmastime once again, it feels like the right time to do a little photostory ;)

I apologize for the following silliness.

Disclaimer: I do not play any of the instruments here, so I'm sorry if I offend people who really do-- I'm super jealous!! My SO really does play the violin so he showed me how to hold it.

It's almost Christmas! But I'm not ready for my Christmas recital at all!

My mother says all young ladies should play musical instruments so I've been learning piano and violin.

The lesson is about to begin-- tighten the bow!

My teacher arrives and shows me a song on the violin.

I try to play it myself but it's just too hard.

My teacher is very enthusiastic about music.

I can't seem to get into the violin today so we move to the piano.

I'll never get it! Screw this crap.

The End <3 Thanks for looking!

Outfit Rundown
JSK: Victorian Maiden
Blouse: Meta
Socks: BABY
Shoes: Offbrand

Happy Late Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and/or the holiday of your choice! Now get off the computer and go shopping!!

Tags: media: photoshoots, theme: november
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