princesse des reves (kirakirajenjen) wrote in egl,
princesse des reves

Input from the Community

I would like some input from the community on the subject of group orders.
As I'm sure many of you know, I do many orders from wigs and petticoats. Most of the time they run very well, but recently I have had several girls who have dropped out after ordering. I haven't left bad feedback in any of these cases, but it's getting a bit irritating and I'm wondering if it would be considered justified?
I've always been under the impression that after an invoice has been sent out, it is bad form to back out of the sale. Is this normal, or am I off the mark?
I don't want to seen harsh, but it gets a bit irritating and throws off my books when people drop out of orders, especially after I've sent out the invoices. However, I wanted to see how other members of the community felt about this.
Also, this is not directed at anyone in particular, and is just the result of this happening a lot lately. I don't want to make any rash decisions, so I would rather get feedback from the community on this issue.
Thanks very much, your input is greatly appreciated!
EDIT: Many people have suggested neutral feedback, since it is less harsh. How would you react to the following system:
~If you back out of the sale after the invoice has been sent to you, you will receive neutral feedback for the transaction.
~If you back out of the sale after the item is purchased, you will receive negative feedback for the transaction.
In this case I will of course make it clearer about when I will be sending invoices.
Many people have also suggested blacklisting, but I don't think this is necessary unless someone backs out of sales several times, which has never happened with me, so I think it's a bit extreme for backing out once.
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