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Lolita school project *ENDED*

Hello, my name is Gloria and I am an undergraduate at the University of California at Irvine, Anthropology Department. I am currently doing a project in which I seek to understand Lolita fashion and lifestyle. I want to understand why Lolitas choose this fashion and what it means to them.

I hope to study Lolita by conducting one-on-one interviews, either by meeting lolitas offline or through Skype video chat, and I’ll also be making posts here on EGL. If you want to meet up, I can go to places around Orange County and Los Angeles, California. It’d be best if you’re a UCI student too! I'll most likely be going to Burbank sometime this weekend to conduct an interview.

Everyone I speak to will remain anonymous in my report (as in, I won’t even use your screen-name) but I would like permission to quote what people say. For one-on-one interviews I will be sure to obtain the consent of the person I’m interviewing. Also, if I take any pictures of you, I’ll notify you and ask for permission if I want to use it as reference in my report. This is a project is a final project and will not be published. Any information I gather will not be used for monetary profit.

This report is due to be turned in on December 7th, so I would like to gather a lot of information very quickly by talking to as many Lolitas as I can. If you’re interested in participating in my research, please message me either at my email or here on Livejournal. If you’re available any time in the next week to talk to me please let me know!

If you’d like, I can keep you up to date about my project. I’d love any feedback I can get back from Lolitas, to make sure I am understanding things correctly. I want to give the fairest presentation on Lolita culture.

Thank you, and please spare me some of your time!

Gloria Law

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