flyingvisions (flyingvisions) wrote in egl,

'cupcake-y' petticoat pattern

Well I checked memories and I checked the 'search' feature and I'm surprised that I only found 1 pattern!

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to tier and layer a petticoat so it's not square-dance-y? I think the lace one from Candy Violet looks the most like 'cupcake' but really...

I found this tutorial but it's still not the right 'shape'

The lace one from CV looks like it has 2 tiers and either 2 or 3 layers... but like how do you make it the right shape? is it because there's 2 tiers? maybe there's less fabric on each tier? like 4 metres on one tier to 5 metres on the next instead of 4 to 6?
Tags: sewing: help/questions
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