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Secretshop review - Meta style heart cut long boots

Hi ladies,
after searching for boots for ages, I finally got my very first pair of winter loli boots:


I ordered them two weeks ago from nana_jun , I paid 123$ for them and received them today. ^-^ I ordered a size L, which should be an insole length of 24,5cm. Because my feet are between 24 and 24,5 cm, I wasn't sure about the size, but they didn't have them bigger, so I just went for it - and succeeded! I also was a bit worried about the calf size, because I have rather thin legs, so many boots are much too wide on me. But they fit perfectly, and I can even wear a warm pair of extra socks with them on very cold winter days! <3

The package as it arrived:

This may be just some kind of beginner excitement, but ISN'T THAT BOX BEAUTIFUL??! o.o <3 What a pretty logo!

I got a free secretshop bag with it! How nice! ^-^

Opening the package...

Each boot was packed in its own plastic bag! I know that's not very eco-friendly, but I thought it was a nice gesture of protection.

They were stuffed with some kind of foam to keep their form and protect them during shipping. Neat!

The darling in their full beauty:

Only thing that could be criticized: the tip of the left boot got dented during shipping, but it's nothing major.

The cuffs have any tiny little hearts on them!! How adorable!

Awww. Heart-shaped buckles.

Detail of the inside with zipper - wonderfully made without any flaws.

Without the cuff

The foam inside of the boot.

All the "stuffing" that was in each boot for protection:

What a pretty golden logo at the insole! I love it.


Adorable round tips:

My overall rating:

Communication with seller (nana_jun): very good, she replied fast and was friendly. 5/5
Shipping time: I got told 5-8 working days, they needed 9, but they were held at customs because of some price declaration problems. They got shipped with a price of 35$ written on the package, which was much too low. I didn't ask for a lower price declaration, so it was a bit annoying to send the paypal bill not knowing if I had to pay an extra fee for trying to cheat with the price (though it wasn't me). I'm glad I got them in the end, though I had to pay a fee. Fortunately it was not that much. 4/5 because of the problems they caused by meaning well.
Quality: 5/5 They are perfectly made, seem to be sturdy and I love their smell of leather, though they aren't even made of real leather.
Price: 5/5 They were the cheapest lolita boots I found so far, and still are my dream boots, so yay for the price!

All in all: I don't love them - I adore them ^-^ Winter can come!!
Tags: garment: shoes, marketplace: taobao, store: secret shop
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