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Bit of a realization...

Yay edit:
If your sick of this, get the mods to delete it. I don't care. Like I've probably said a million times, it was something I noticed, dug around to see if it happened else where, and thought it might be interesting.
If that sounds bitchy to you, great. I'm happy for you.

Also, to everyone who says I'm being immature/not making sense/etc etc, how much sense do you make at 4-5 am, with no sleep and a caffeine buzz? Not much, probably. Feel free to argue differently though.

And finally, I probably should have saved this all as a draft and come back to it when I woke up, proofread, and fixed it up all nice and pretty right? Right. Someone please smack me the next time I'm typing stuff up at 5 am on LJ.

End edit!

-- One last thing; Sorry if I don't reply to all your comments! My house AND school are being renovated so that leaves me little time for much except late at night. I promise I'll read as many as I can and reply!

(Sorry if this isn't allowed)

Today after reading over a few forum posts from a screen cap my friend in Sweden (she lacks a LJ account sadly) showed me, I felt a bit sad.

Many girls in the forum were complaining about this comm, what about? How everyone on this comm has JUST brand. Now, I know for a fact that's not true. No one has enough money to have JUST brand. While many of the members do have brand pieces, not everyone does.

SO, while I no longer have the screen cap (temporary files delete on my laptop after four hours - and this was at least 8 hours ago - to save space), I did some digging, not here because I don't want to name call or anything, but I looked around any place where this probably occurs. Which includes 4chan, and Gaia, and a few other sites.

and I came to this conclusion.

Burando Envy.
(link leads to my personal journal where I pretty much repeat what I've said here, but more in depth, if you will.)

And while I may be talking out of my ass, I have a friend who has extreme brand envy of a few of the better known members of this comm (not naming names), so... I don't know. I'm concerned some girls might be wasting money on offbrand/bodyline/whatever because they can't afford AP even second hand, and they hate their current wardrobe.

Anyway I'll stop here as most everything else is talked about in the linked entry.
Again, sorry if this isn't allowed, this is probably only my second or third post here. ):
Tags: discussion: brands, discussion: reactions to lolita, discussion: social issues
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