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Questions about the Lolita Market?

I've actually wanted to do a few at-home based business
like a Commission sewing business
as well as shopping service for Baby's and Black Peace Now.
A commission job seems to fit into my scheduele perfectly.

However I have some concerns....

However, I don't see many WTB posts or DS posts on egl_comm_sales
for Commission anymore nor do I see ones for shopping services in the bay area.

I actually was surfing a bit online and stumbled onto a user's journal on LJ
which said that the reason why these services are no longer popular
is because of a huge number of scamming incidents that have happened.
Is this true?

I basically have a few pretty general questions about the lolita market:

1.) How is the market for a Commission business? What about indie Western Lolita brands?
Would Japanese brands be prefered over these two brands?
And where would I most likely be able to find my market for a commission business?
(I'd definitely like to start an indie brand too, but that's a while from now...)

2.) And on the subject of a shopping service for BTSSB-
is it even in demand anymore or does the San Francisco branch ship domestically now?

I have so many questions which really need to be answered.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much! ^^
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