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Sewing/Photo post: My Louis XVII Inspired outfit

The idea to create an outfit based on one worn by Louis XVII (Louis-Charles, Duc du Normandie) has been in my mind for over a year now. I've gone through two designs before I settled on the third, and this is my first project putting my terrible embroidery sewing machine to work. What I made consists of a mini crown, demi-habit jacket, sash and shoe clips. The whole thing from first starting to design, until it was all finished took six months. Normally this would never take me so long, but it took many firsts for me. It was the first time I made a pattern that was a copy of a historical pattern, which I messed up the first time and made it too small. The other was to learn how to work my embroidery sewing machine and figure out how to work around all it's faults in order to get it to do what I wanted. On top of that, I always have a lot of homework. I wore it to Oni-con in Houston, TX on Halloween (so it was also my Halloween costume) and to the Renaissance Festival in Mangolia,TX (where the photos were taken - which was last weekend). I would have done more interesting poses or tried out different backgrounds but it was really muddy and I had to find a safe sidewalk that wouldn't get my shoes too dirty.

Back Detail:

Sash Detail

Collar embroider detail

Pocket Detail:

Sleeve detail

Mini Crown:

Shoe clips off of the Shoes

a run down of everything I'm wearing...
Demi-habit jacket - handmade by me
Crown - handmade by me
Sash - Handmade by me
Blouse - off-brand (ambiance)
Wig - I forgot (bought at a local costume shop)
Skirt - Angelic pretty (memorial cake)
socks - Angelic pretty
Shoes - Bodyline
shoe clips - handmade by me
petticoat - handmade by me

Here is the painting I got the idea from...

If you're wondering how on earth this looks anything like Louis XVII, It's mainly just the color and construction of the jacket. Also hair and eye color, my white blouse is kind of similar to his, and I'm wearing a replica of the ceremonial insignia of the knights of the holy spirit (the silver pin under his collar) It's kind of difficult to notice. Also, We are both wearing sashes. XD That's about it....

I have a lot more in-depth information like historical patterns I used, design sketches and the detail of the jewelry I'm wearing etc etc in my journal entry here:

thanks for looking!
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