loveisrainbow (loveisrainbow) wrote in egl,

velveteen cleaning instructions?

Hello everyone!

I searched this community & did a google search & couldn't find much help.

I recently purchased a pink Angelic Pretty doll house jsk from mBok with dirty velveteen trim. I was aware of this when I won the auction - the seller gave photos & the dress was really cheap.

What's the best way I can go about getting the dirt out? Getting it spot cleaned at a dry cleaner is one option, but I'd like to know if there's anything I can do at home before I take that route. It's a beautiful dress & I don't want to risk ruining it!

All of the dirt is either on the trim along the base of the skirt, or the piece of trim the runs directly above the print. In some areas its barely noticeable & in others its pretty bad.

Any help is appreciated! :)
Tags: discussion: clothing care
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