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Looking for that perfect purse.

Christmas is around the corner, and I'm planning on asking for a nice purse this year. I'd like something very girly and lolita inspired, although I don't know if I necessarily want a purse from a lolita brand like Angelic Pretty or BTSSB - that shiny enamel brands seem to constantly use for purses isn't my favorite look. I don't wear lolita on a daily basis, although I'd like to! So a cute, lolita-ish (yay for made-up words) purse would be a great way to incorporate lolita style every day, even when I have to wear a t-shirt instead of my poofy skirt and petticoat. XP

I've been searching Rakuten lately and found a couple brands that have cute purses. Frilly, pink, big bows...all that good stuff. One of the brands I'm looking at is Deary from dreamv. I really like this purse. It's definitely hime gyaru inspired, perhaps more so than lolita, but it has a few of the elements I'm looking for.

So where do you girls find lolita inspired purses other than the obvious brand stores? Are there any Japanese brands you really like?
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