soylentvert (soylentvert) wrote in egl,

Corset skirts

Hi everyone :) I was wondering if I could get some people to post their favorite corset skirts--ones you own, ones you want, whatever. Pictures are great, names to go with them would be helpful as well. I am trying to get a sense of what's out there, as they are my very favorite article of clothing and I'm very interested in trying to buy some more through the sales comm.

One other question: how much did the Vampire Requiem (specifically ivory-colored, if that makes a difference) corset skirt cost originally? I've been ogling over the one that's being auctioned on the sales comm right now, and I hope it's not impertinent, but I'm just curious how much the original price was, and how much they tend to go for now. I doubt many people would want to part with theirs but, hey, who knows :)

Thank you in advance!
Tags: discussion: styles, garment: skirts
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