Nocturne & (gardeniapetals) wrote in egl,
Nocturne &

Aesthetic Theme: Music. [piano photoshoot] ♥

Hey EGL. These photos are from a dress I sewed a while ago, but I thought I would share them with you in regards to the November Aesthetic Theme for Music before the month ended. <3

Sewing details of the garment:

Headbow: Self-designed
Elegant Gothic Suspender Skirt: Self-designed
Blouse: Altered it into a cutsew. Original is from China.
Stockings: Forgot. ;/
Shoes: Target (?)

Sankyuu for looking~ Music (especially classic) is my passion, and I really loved this month's theme. Apologies if the image quality is not up to par. Another round of apologies for if you find the coordinate & design bland. No accessories around the neck area or anything. I'm still making somewhat of a transition from visual kei to classic lolita. Relatively new to this. ;D
Tags: media: photos, theme: november

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