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celga review + some info about the attp boots.

Celga Review

haha momo (the cat) is in the photo. so this is how i got it. looks like a normal package nothing fancy.I ordered a pair of attp boots off yahoo japan. This was my first experience doing this. Overall i am pretty dang happy!

lol i just found this super funny.. random one page of a magazine, i am not sure who did that (seller from yj or celga) but there was bubble in it so the boots didn't move or anything.

boots came in an bpn bag, that'll come in handy for sure ^_^ wooh reusable bags!! i know this wasn't celga, but it was a little extra that made me happy ^_^

there are my boots!!! they came in perfect condition, new never used, only thing i was a little upset about was the boots came with the string from the tag but no actual tag.

condition pictures:

obviously never worn.

They are actually much bigger in length than i expected, i bought a M which is usually 23-23.5 , i wear both so i figured that was safe but they are much bigger than i thought.. if you wear 24 you could easily wear these. The instep, that needs to be stretched before i can wear them. I don't know if i have a high arch, (which i have never had a problem with) or japanese shoes are just made for flat feet but they are tight trying to put my foot in them; which obviously is a little disappointing.


they were great always replied within an hour or two if i had a question or problem. There was some confusion because i was using a different email from my paypal and bidding on multiple things but they figured it out and got back to me fast-ish.
The only thing they need to work on is updating their site more because it still says i am bidding on them, but they did email me when the boots got to them. 4/5

Pricing: for the service it wasn't bad at all, their commission was almost invisible, the shoes cost me 100usd, plus whatever the shipping was to them, and celga's commission it came to 126usd.(no including international shipping) 5/5

Shipping: they used ems, which was great because they marked it down so i didn't get hit with duty. it was 64usd, which i assume is reasonable because a jsk from baby costs me 50usd to be shipped lol.. 5/5

I would use them again for sure ^_^ There wasn't any major issues and they we're great with someone who never used it before and I asked a million questions. They did have me nervous when they didn't bid on it right away but they wait for the last couple hours so it doesn't get out bid. (they also mentioned i could ask them to bid right away if i wanted them to; which is great)

I hope this helps others. ^_^ thanks for reading.

gawd i am le sad -__-' I finally go my foot in them this morning ( they are brand new so it was hard to get my foot in) and they are !!!!WAY TOO BIG!!!! for my feet.. they'll be up for auction on the comm sales in a day or two -_-'

auction here:

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