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Lolita Finds in Portland Oregon

I just got back from my families annual drive down to Portland, Oregon, with some amazing lolita finds that I thought I would share. :)

Now I know Sock Dreams has already been discovered, but I don't know if these particular patterns (on the socks) has been mentioned before. Forgive me for my redundancy if they have.

I've loved Sock It To Me's designs since they first started out, but the grey roses knee-highs are AWESOME in my opinion. I don't know if you can see it in the picture well, but the Leg Avenue stripped tights have ribbons going down the side of the legs, a design that first reminded me of something to go with my bodyline candy skirt.

What made my day:

These were found at Powell's (a HUGE new and used bookstore that we're big fans of). They are giant wall posters covered in blackboard paint, so that you can use chalk and doodle on them. Stick it on a wall, doodle, and Voila! instant art. Also great for personal reminders (which is why I got it)

Anyways, I hope someone finds this post interesting >.>;

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