Elerronyar (elerronyar) wrote in egl,

Too small wig?

Quick question-
Can you modify a wig to make it bigger?
I bought a wig and 2 clip in ponytails from Bang-up wig from Ebay. I love it and don't want to get rid of it. But it barely fits on my head. I do have long hair (past my bust) so that's a bit of an issue with the wig fitting. I also have a larger head. Cyperous wigs fit me well, but I cannot afford currently to get a full wig and clip in ponytails from them. I can't just get the clip in ponytails because I can never find anything to match my hair exactly.
So ultimately, I have to work with what I have. Any suggestions? The clips keep the wig from slipping too much, but at the nape of the neck, you can start seeing my hair after some time. Is there a way to attach more hair in back to give it more volume? Are there tricks one can do to make it stay put from slipping?

Tags: beauty: hair/wigs, tutorial: hair, tutorial: request
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