Bri (toymoonhorse) wrote in egl,

Lolita Fashion in Korea

Hello! I'm strongly considering moving to Korea next Fall to teach English, and I have a couple questions for the Korean lolitas. I did a search on the community and understand that there are a number of lolitas in Seoul. How common is it to see girls dressed up in lolita walking on the streets of Seoul? Is it more like in America (NYC), where we all dress up and meet together, or do some girls wear it as their every day fashion? How common is lolita in places outside of Seoul (like the nearby surburbs or cities like Busan)? And lastly, does Korea have any underground goth/punk culture (goth clubs, visual rock) similar to Japan's? Your answers to these questions would be much appreciated, thanks ^.^.
Tags: discussion: locations in lolita, lifestyle: travel
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