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Free Shipping from CDJapan with PayPal

Thought this might be of note to people who like Maxicimam, Moitie, or the other brands CDJapan carries: Owners of PayPal accounts receive free shipping from CDJapan until December 2nd if they follow a link from a PayPal e-mail sent out this morning. Check your PayPal e-mail accounts and get shopping (if you want to)! I know I'm going to use my free shipping to get a parasol from Maxicimam, because the normal shipping fee on a parasol is a b***h. :)

EDIT: It seems that only users from the USA received this e-mail. And of course, only those USA users who had their e-mail preferences set to receive third party promotions. So if that sounds like you, check your e-mail, lol. x_x
Tags: !news, ordering: paypal

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