Raven (yamikarasu) wrote in egl,

Pointing out random finds

I haven't actually posted here in a long time, and, what with working at Old Navy, I decided I'd toss some stuff I spied this way.

For starters, since I don't wear loli, I, naturally, don't own any of this. I just get to see it/handle it/molest it/want to burn it (only due to the customers) everyday. Second, um... I've noticed that online, the prices actually aren't entirely in jive with the in-store prices. Strange, but I can't answer anything there.

Ruffled Sateen Tops

Not as sateen as the name would imply, but they are nice, simple blouses. We only have the black and white in my store, so I can't vouch for the printed junk. I could see this both with a casual coordinate and with other stuff, since it's so basic.

Pintucked Ruffled Shirts

I'll admit that this shirt looks a little odd on the hanger, to me, yet good on a person, and again, a nice soft cotton feel to it. Another nice basic shirt. I think these went on clearance recently in stores. Surprised it's not in white.

Faux-Gem Buttoned Cardigans

Our cardigans our on sale right now, but for how long I cannot say. I'll have to get back to you on that. These cardis are SOFT. SO SOFT. The gem buttons look a little cheap, but at the same time add a little somethin.

Ruffle-Front Cardigans

Now, personally... I think the ruffled cardis are fugly, but that's just my opinion. Again, so nice n' sooooft, and I hear that they're pretty warm. Not a lot of colors in these, though, and I know in my store, there's not a lot left.

Aaaand that's all I've really seen that would be of note. On a side note, our "outerwear" (wool coats n' stuff) just went back on sale, which includes out peacoats. Some of them are long enough for coords, but I'm not sure how they'd work with the petti n' junk. I'd say come in wearing loli and try 'em on.
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