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Nov 22nd - Mini Vancouver Meet

Today, myself, autumn_x0, miyavi_382, and purinyappykura decided to go for a bit of a mall romp, complete with frills >D much silliness occurred~.

autumn_x0 and I accidentally twinned! ...well, sort of XD both musical.

a little blurry (since I suck at taking pictures, apparently) but cute none the less; autumn_x0 and miyavi_382.

While we were designing our purikura, I noticed that autumn_x0 had disappeared somewhere? ... turns out she was purikura-ing poor kid style: cell phone pictures inside the booth. Welcome to Vancouver. XD

purinyappykura and I are incapable of being serious at any time. Thsi is especially true at Christmas time, apparently.

Shoe shottt ♥ Two lights, two darks!

outside purdy's. My favourite thing about the mall at Christmas time is all the shop windows make perfect photo backdrops >D

...once again. Incapable of being serious at all.

So we left metrotown and popped over to Crystal Mall (aka: the smaller, more asian mall beside it) for crepes and bubble tea. GOOD STUFF.

purinyappykura manages not to make derp face! GOOD JOBBB

autumn_x0 eats crepes like a mouse.

THEN ... we stumbled across the highlight of crystal mall: the mini mirror. For whatever reason, there's this giant gimpy mirror by this travel agency place that makes you look like you're two feet tall? NOT GONNA LIE, I felt like Sae or Takulu, minus the massive amounts of AP XD But when I figure out my AP coordinate, this will be the first place I take pictures, guaranteed.

HEE HEE OH GOD ♥'s funny because autumn_x0 is actually quite tall ...

...and because miyavi_382 is pretty much this size. LOL joking ilubb. xD

LOL perfect XD

Here in Vancouver, you can find lolitas in both regular and super mini size.



cutsew: btssb
blouse (underneath): bodyline
skirt: bodyline
stockings: offbrand
socks: bodyline
boots: offbrand
bag: bodyline


cutsew: btssb
skirt: anna house
tights: aldo & offbrand (two pairs!)
shoes: anna house

momoco (me!)

cardigan: bodyline
jsk: bodyline
socks: offbrand
shoes: offbrand
(wow what a bodyline day...)


beret: angelic pretty
cutsew: btssb
vest: offbrand
skirt: meta
socks: angelic pretty (?)
shoes: offbrand
bag: I think it's from Tao Bao..?

that's all! if the autumn_x0's scanner stops being lame, I'll post the purikura here too : )


Tags: events: meetups, media: photos
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