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Dreaming Macaron

Nana Lolita Shoe Review

A while back, I ordered a pair of black boots from Nana Lolita Shoe (aka Miranda House II) through Mashimaro Girl's TaoBao shopping service. Here's my review of it.

The material is a nice, thick imitation leather, with the soles being made of hard rubber with a gripping texture on the bottom. The heel is made of some kind of hard material, and is wrapped in the imitation leather, which I thought was a nice touch. The seams are generally precise and smooth, but there are a few bumpy areas on the inside of the shoe, and the sewing on the hearts attached to the laces is a little all over the place. The scallop edges are fairly well cut out, though some of the smaller holes didn't punch all the way through. There are no glue marks or bumps on the outside of the shoe.

The fit is perfect. I ordered these in a size 37 (which is more or less an S in Japanese shoe sizes). Not only that, but they're comfortable too. The only problem I have while wearing them is that sometimes, on the left one, the band that goes around the top comes undone (it's held down by Velcro). But that's probably because I walk in a weird way that continually knocks the heel of my right foot into my left foot.

Overall, they're a great pair of shoes. I paid less than 70 USD for them including shopping service fees and shipping from China (though I will note that the shipping was less expensive than it could have been because I bought these in a group order). I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for inexpensive lolita shoes.

Here is a huge picture I took of them.
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