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Review for Blaek Saint's boots

Another review brought to you by yours truly.

Run down of events:
1) I ordered a pair of boots by Blaek Saint via MashiMaro Girl and paid on Sept 15, 2009. I paid initially for $78, including EMS shipping.
2) On Sept 25, 2009, Blaek Saint notified MashiMaro Girl that I need to pay an extra $12 because my feet size were too big, bringing my total to $90.
3) Twiddled my thumbs and waited for my boots, while mailing MashiMaro girl about every other week for updates on the boots.
4) Finally received my boots on November 14, 2009

1) Shipping/Packaging: As anyone can see, I waited nearly 2 months for those shoes :\ They also used a really cruddy, filmsy box for the shoes (see pics below) and had no stuffing in the shoes. 2/5
2) Communication: I realize that MashiMaro Girl is really busy, but the fact that I had to constantly ask them for updates every 2 weeks for 2 months was a little...bothersome to say the least. I don't blame them, but I was not very happy with the communication. 2/5
3) Quality: Maybe it's just me, as I don't really have boots that I can compare these to, but I was overall disappointed with them. I'll explain below. 2/5
4) Fit: Incredibly tight on my calves, even though I specified my calf circumference upon ordering. I also ordered a size 42 (I should be a size 40 according to them) but the foot part fits perfectly, so imagine if I ordered size 40 instead of size 42. 2/5


This was the box that was used to carry my boots from China all the way to here. Notice all the wrinkles on the box :\ The box might have fared better if there were, say, newspaper stuffing in it, but there was none, so the box went through quite some abuse in the shipping process, I imagine.

The boots straight out of the box. Notice how flat they are. I've never bought boots online, but shoes in general should have stuffing in them, and a piece of paper wrapping them on the outside, right? These boots only had little plastic bags on them.

"Includes free wrinkles on your order of boots!"

Upon inspection, this is probably my biggest complaint. It seems like someone hot glued 2 piece of shoe lace together and tried to hide it. Made me go "WTF"

This was also a little upsetting. Boots aren't supposed to look like this in the back when you wear them, are they?

If you zoom in on this picture, you'll see on the scallop of the boot on the left that there are little marks near the small holes. It's looks unprofessional, to say the least.

My complaints when I actually wear these:
1) WAY TOO EFFING TIGHT. To put them on, I have to be careful not to zip my calves. After trying them on for only 10 minutes, there were red marks all over my calves when I took them off. And that's without any socks or leggings.
2) Because they're so tight, I can't bend my ankles, and I can hardly bend my knees. It makes walking really awkward.
3) The quality feels weird. They're perhaps a little better and sturdier than the foam boots from Milanoo, but I don't think they can stand much abuse like snow or ice, either.
4) The zipper doesn't go all the way down to the base of the shoes, like most boots do. My foot often gets stuck around the ankle of the boots and making the ankle of the boots boots crease even more because I'm trying to shove my foot in.

Overall: I'm really disappointed with Blaek Saint, but I probably should've expected as much :\ They fit horrible and took forever to make :C Now I have to slim down just for these boots to fit DX It's a good motivator, I guess.
Did anyone else experience a similar thing with shoes from Blaek Saint? and as always, feel free to post comments/questions.
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