kamihana_shi (kamihana_shi) wrote in egl,

Need help for a work on Baby, the Stars Shine Bright .

Hi everybody!! ~

I'm sorry to bother you with something like that, but I really need your help.
I'm in a fashion university and for a work we must choose a brand we like and make a file on it.

I chose the brand " Baby, the Stars Shine Bright" because it's rich, one of the most popular lolita brand and I like it.
I have already informations about history, items, designer, etc etc, but I would like more.
I would like the opinion from the customers, from the people who really know this brand who wear it, who like it ,
and not my own opinion, because , I think, my only opinion will be too poor .
That's why I write it.

*Your age:

*Your style( Lolita and no lolita):

*Why do you like this brand ? The most attractive for you:

*What is the other brand which is similar to Baby for you and that you like too? and why ?

*What do you think about brand evolution ( the first collections and the last, models, colors, prints ....) ?

*What do you think about the quality, the choice?

Which is the Btssb's image for you?

*What is for you the strengths and weaknesses ?

You're free to said more if you've an other idea or question ! ^_^
Of course I will precisise your contribution on my work. =)
Thank you a lot in advance ! ~ <3 <3

Have a nice day.

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