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REVIEW POST: Qcute, Mariko_Senpai/Onedayinparadise, Infanta Review , and HMHM

Hello ladies,

I am posting my long overdue review for a three items I have bought over the course of the last few months, so this review will cover the services of Qcute and Mariko_Senpai, and review two items from Infanta, and one item from HMHM.

So lets get started.

Qcute services.

At the end of beginning of October I ordered an Infanta Classical Lolita Coat from Qcute. The transaction went very smoothly and Qcute was very professional, always keeping me up to date, and let me know right away when the order was running a week behind due to the amount of orders placed. Despite the order being a bit behind (but completely understandable) everything went perfect. I highly recommend Qcute's services.
Services: 5/5

The Coat: Infanta Classical Lolita Coat.

This was my second item ordered from Infanta. I must say I was extremely impressed by the quality and make of this coat. The coat is a wool blend and quite warm. (Still need lots of layers for the cold winters here though, but this should help!) The only fault I found with this coat was the buttons and the way they were attached. I re-sewed them on with thicker thread and made sure they were well secured. This coat also included two pockets and a tie up back for the perfect fit depending on how many layers you are wearing. The coat and caplet are also is fully lined.
Quality and Make: 5/5

(Sorry I have no shots of me wearing the item yet, but I will try to update with some soon!)

A shot her to show the quality of the coat and how well it was made.

Shot of lace up in the back.

The caplet.

Mariko_Senpai sevices

Right now there is a lot going on revolving Mariko_Senpai and Clobbao. All I can say is that all along Marie(Mariko_Senpai) has been nothing but very upfront, helpful and kind through out all the trouble we have had with Clobbao. I have had two orders with Marie so far and the issues that I have encountered has never been on her end, but with Clobbao.

For referance this who ordeal and getting both my OP's has spanned about five months now...

I ordered my HMHM Mary Magdalene replica around July of this year (I can not remember exact dates) and when I posted on the sale looking for AP style England Red Tartan OP toward the end of July into August, Marie offered to get this OP for me as well. I gladly accepted her offer. For whatever reason still really unknown but both my items when shipped to me at my school address where never accepted, and they actually tried delivering to an address with the wrong zip code. One item was sent back to Marie, the other Clobbao. My Mary Magdalene reached me perfectly fine the second time at my home address, however problems accured with my Infanta OP. Clobbao firstly claimed to not have my item, then it magical appeared. He shipped it again, and it never even made it to my local post office, and was promtly shipped back to him from JFK airport and postal center here in the US. At this time many things popped up with Clobbao and Marie (which everyone is fully aware of). Clobbao finally shipped my OP with other items to Marie, but never told her about it. My OP finally arrived today after Marie sent it to me.

So to summerize, whatever the shipping problem was, was completely on Clobbao's end, not Maries. The problems I have had through out all of this were never from Marie, and so I do not hold her at fault at all for items taking so long to reach me, and thank her for being such a wonderful service and being so helpful and kind through it all.

Despite all the trouble, I would gladly order from Marie again once everything is cleared up and she finds a new provider.

Mariko_Senpai/Onedayinparadise services: 5/5

The OP's: HMHM Mary Magdalene Replica and Infanta AP Style England Red Tartan OP.

HMHM Mary Magdalene OP

This OP was quite stunning to me, and the replica provided by HMHM is just as beautiful. The quality of the materials used is very high, and the construction of this piece is impecable. The fit was beautiful, and the only flaw I found was that the material used at the top was slightly thin, however no complaints as it makes for comfortable wearing in the warmer months. The bottom of the dress is wonderfully constructed, and it is very heavy. My Kirakirajenjen is perfect for this piece though and provides the perfect shape under all the weight. The length of the piece is perfect with my long legs. The fit is extremely nice as well. I do not have an pictures of the item other than me wearing it at the moment, as I left it at my dorm. Once I have it on hand again I will post pictures of all the details.
Quality and Make: 5/5

Infanta AP Style England Red Tartan OP

I just recieved this item today, and once again I am very impressed with Infanta's work. The contsruction is once again beautiful, and the materials used high quality (even the lace is nice!). The only problems I found where the sleeve length and length of this piece, and I found the buttoning style on the top a little difficult. Not really much to complain about though, as it can easily be fixed. The Op has a zipper on the size and ties in the back for a perfect fit. It's not as thick as I imagined but is not thin either. It will be more than enough to keep me warm under the Coat. At this time I just do not have a petti to fit underneath it. I will update with pictures of it being warn as soon as I can!
Make and Quality: 5/5

Bow detailing

Lace up back


Sleeve cuff

Quality shot.


Hope I was of some help ladies! If you have any questions or things you think I should included, please let me know!

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