Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ] (addictive_sugar) wrote in egl,
Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ]

Juliette & Justine - restocks?

Does J&J ever restock sold out items? I'm under the impression they do (I think I remember a restock of their Crucifixion print relatively recently), but I wanted to make sure.
If they do, do they restock items regularly or does it seem random? Do they only restock original prints? Only certain colours or sizes?
I'm interested in their latest print, l'Empreinte de la Genèse, specifically the jumperskirt, in size 2 & in aubergine/purple. I was planning on buying it but the moment I'd gotten together the funds, it was sold out in the colour/size combo I'm after :'[
Alternatively, does it being marked as sold out on the site mean it's absolutely sold out instore?

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