creator_chaos (creator_chaos) wrote in egl,

Ballad of the Lolita

In the past, ballads were lyrical poetry, sometimes set to music, recounting true, often tragic tales, and similar to the epic form. At least, my creative writing teacher said something along those lines, and wikipedia seems to at least marginally corroborate.

I must write a true, possibly tragic ballad, and I find myself with a dearth of interesting, true stories. So this is where you come in, why I'm posting to egl at all.

What is your most interesting, epic, ballad-worthy story of lolita? Your first meet-up? Your first brand item? That time you stayed up all night to order your dream dress, saving up for months, battling with customs, only to have it arrive and find it doesn't fit?

I think most people like to tell stories about themselves; at least, those seem to be the posts with the most comments on here. XD So if you do, and you wouldn't mind me rendering your story into (possibly crappy) verse, please tell me your tale! Add as many details as you desire, take up five pages if you want; if you don't want to post it here, feel free to send me a message.

Thank you, oh beauties of the web! May all your tales be worth telling.
Tags: community: research/essays/projects
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