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The Victorian Christmas

So I was in Sainsburys today looking at the magazines when I came across this - "The Victorian Christmas" magazine!
It was a pricey (for magazines today) £6.99, but it seemed worth it, so I bought it.

It tells you of Victorian Christmas traditions and has some lovely seasonal recipes for you to try!

It is very detailed and has some darling illustrations and has about 99 pags.

Here's an exerpt:

In fact, there was nothing very saintly about the earlier Father Christmas who was a drinker, fighter and lover! But the Victorians reinvented him, spliced him together with St. Nicholas, changed his robe from pagan green to cheery red or warm brown and brought in the reindeer and sleigh. The timing for the delivery of presents changed, too. Requests for presents by children were 'sent' by chimney post on the 6th December to be delivered on the night of Christmas Eve.

So, there you go! I thought I'd just share this lovely magazine with you!
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