nessaneko (nessaneko) wrote in egl,

Baby's Snow White print and washing

A fairly quick question: I recently bought Baby's Snow White print via mbok, but it arrived today and is a bit grotty (smells badly of nicotine and it's a bit grubby around the waistband.) Normally I would just gently handwash it, but knowing that some of Baby's prints are rather less than colourfast, I'm hesitant to do so without knowing that it's wash-safe (don't want the print leaking ink everywhere, especially since it's the pink colourway so leaked ink will really stain).
Has anyone handwashed their Snow White print, or is it one that should really be drycleaned? Thanks n__n

Update: Thanks for your advice, guys. I handwashed it in the basin with lashings of gentle wool detergent and rubbed at the worst stained areas, then rinsed clean. It's currently drip-drying in my shower, doesn't seem to have bled at all and is much much cleaner. I'd still like to soak the waistband with a bit of Napisan (enzyme cleaner like Oxyclean) now that I know it's safe to soak. Still, for darker colours I'd go a bit carefully since the dye of the fabric may well leak.

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