Kassandra Leigh (kassandra_leigh) wrote in egl,
Kassandra Leigh

A Not So Terrible Milanoo Review...?

So a bit ago i ordered This: http://www.milanoo.com/Red-Shepherd-Check-Sleeveless-Lolita-Dress-p16660.html milanoo dress.

It arrived on time - Good.
The Fabric is very, very soft and opaque - Good.
The Plaid portions arent the exact sale as photographed, it actually has a blue in it - Not so Kewl.
The pockets are FUNCTIONAL - needless to say...this is AMAZING. I wasnt expecting that from them.

Now the deal braker - I saw that a lot of their dresses were being made for GIANTS. So i said " make it super short and above the knee" . Thinking " well, that should solve the problem!" I even asked the customer service ( which has been "ok" about responding. Not super fast..but nothing alarming ) to check my item to make sure it is as i asked before they shipped it to me. And quite obviously they said it was fine and as i asked..shipping it rather quickly and WA LA ! ITS A NIGHTGOWN FOR AN AMAZON PRINCESS !!! So really if it werent for that I would have been happy with the dress for the most part. So bleh! To salvage it I pinned it up in about 4 places with safety pins and slapped on an underskirt.

EDIT: Unpinned it goes about 3 inches past my knee?
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