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Though I could have sworn I saw an entry on this before, but the search came up with nothing relevant to my question, here it is:

Should I or should I not get a brand dress modified?

A little while back, I bought a lovely BtSSB dress off the sales comm. The buyer gave me the correct measurements for everything and the dress should have fit me perfectly with room to spare too. However, I had not contended with the fact that my ribcage and bust is rather large. Technically, the dress should fit my bust but my boobs "pulls" the dress up a bit (for lack of a better description) and therefore the waist, which is already rather high, is now situated around my lower bust, where it does not fit.

So the dress is perfect; except for the fact I can't zip it up past my ribcage which drives me crazy because if it could get past that, I could zip it up completely. I tried to lose some weight to see if it would help; and only came to realize that it was my lower ribs which were the problem.

I've thought about selling the dress, but everytime I see it, I have a hard time wanting to part with it because it's so beautiful. The only other dresses that could possibly replace this one (in my heart), I can't afford, am afraid of not fitting into, or just can't find (because they always seem to be put on the sales comm when I'm in class >_<).

So I would like some opinions; Should I modify the dress, lose some re-selling value but have something I completely adore to wear? Or should I suck it up, sell it, and pray someone will put one of my dream dresses on sale at a time and price when I can buy it?

EDIT: I wouldn't modify the dress myself, I'd definitely get a professional seamstress to do it. Also, I think it would be a relatively minor modification; I just need the seams let out and possibly a bit of the skirt part fixed (sorry I can't be more specific).
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