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PMX- Saturday Night (dinner meetup, swapmeet and bar)

PMX Dinner Meetup-

A large group of us went to Denny's for dinner Saturday night after the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. As we got back to the hotel some of us hung out at the swap meet for a bit. Afterward a few of the 21 and up girls decided it was time to pop into the hotel's bar.

One part of the group waiting in the lobby-

Other side of group-

Ongoing amusement throughout the night. A few of the girls bought these awful (un)lucky packs from one of the booths at the con. It was supposed to be full of all sorts of cute jfashion stuff. It was not. Everything was ugly and godawful. But best of all was the lolita thong. Also amusing that the tag says "NEW", dear god I would surely hope it's not used!

Walking to Denny's.

Our group was so large we took over their entire waiting area.

deedlelu's awesome new tattoo.

hikarichan78 and her friends found out about dinner late. Plus side- they missed the never ending wait. Down side-they didn't get to sit at the main table with us. I am glad they were at least seated in our room.

Bunnies get hungry too.

As we got back into the hotel we passed the swap meet and decided to head in for a bit.

Then we found out that the girl from the booth with the terrible (un)lucky packs was selling them there at the swap meet! Oh how exciting. We decided that we all needed to pool our money and get as many packs as possible to open them all up and have our own mini swap meet of whatever "great" things we found inside.

Children's tutu, or wig- you decide.

One of the packs had a keychain that said "I smell nice" when you squeezed it (or so the tag said) but it really sounded like "I smell moist", which was greatly amusing.

Super cool hat and necklace.

She put on all the hair clips from our all of our bags.

I aM sUpEr KaWaIi DeCoLoLi?!!!11

We split up to check on roomies, gather up boyfriends and change and then met back up at the bar.

I changed into a more comfortable dress because my skirt from earlier had magically shrunk during the course of dinner ;)

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