Sucrerie Magazine (sucreriemag) wrote in egl,
Sucrerie Magazine

We'd love more submissions for the upcoming winter issue (deadline Nov 24th), particularly cold-weather outfit snaps and any written pieces. Please email content to

Sorry about once again asking the community for opinions, but I'd like to know; does anyone want Sucrerie Magazine to continue to publish issues? It's our one year anniversary and despite previous efforts, we are still lacking in reader contributions.
Would people be more tempted to submit content if we advertised and made a bigger fuss about the magazine? If someone else were running it? Do we need to push out issues more than quarterly? Or maybe the fact that it's not print bothers some people?
Please keep in mind that the majority of the magazine's content is contributed by the readers - so if you're about to criticize the quality, perhaps you'd like to contribute to "up" the quality? Sound good? ;)

PS sorry if I don't get to all the comments
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