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Milanoo Review

I purchased this skirt in both black and in the thin black and white stripe. I also purchased this dress as pictured.

I admit, I was a bit nervous that my order would have been crap (I ordered after seeing a positive review on here, then saw bad after bad and then some of the worst). My order was placed on the 25th of October and I received a shipping notification on November 8th. However, the tracking number they gave me did not work. I consulted with "Renee" about this and they said they would check into it. Well, I got the package today, so I'm guessing either the EMS tracking number was bad or EMS people just didn't enter it? Either way, it did come within a week and on time. I'll give a 5/5 on communication because they were prompt in answering my questions. I'll give a 4/5 on shipping just because I had no idea if my tracking number was ever real or not.

Moving on to the good stuff...

The package. The items were in a bag.

But then each item was in an individual bag.

Each piece came with an underskirt petti, which was kind of interesting - so now I have three. They're all pretty stiff and poofy. There were just a few stray strands of thread that I just snipped off with a pair of scissors (the same went for the skirts).

Skirt in Black: Not many complaints here. The fabric was a thinner cotton, but I was happy it wasn't cheap satin or something of that nature. There were a few issues with construction such as the back seam on the shirring part was off-center, and the layers had raw top edges (like in the striped skirt of the same style). It just needs to be steamed to let the wrinkles out and it'll be alright to go. The 2nd photo is inside out to show construction of the shirring.

Similar story here, but there were some green chalk marks and raw top edges on the layers of the skirt. The back seam was centered, though, so that's a positive.

And the red dress. The color was a brighter red than Meta's wine red picture. I ordered this in a 2XL, and I would have to say that next time I'll probably order a size smaller because the shirring is not stretched at the max measurements on the website, therefore there's a big gap in the boob-portion. Thankfully there are waist ties, but they are not removable like Meta's. Also, the pintucks are all straight and proportional- which made me happy.

Just so you can see what it looks like on. Also, I'm only 5ft 2in and the length on it is just past my knee. I did have an issue with the armseye being tight.

So all in all, I'd probably give Milanoo a 4/5 because yea, they're cheap, but if they really want to impress us, there needs to be some better quality control. I have a feeling that's probably the reason my tracking number wasn't right. I'd say if you're on a budget and you stay away from lace, this might be not half a bad solution for you.

If you have any questions or want close-ups of anything, let me know.
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