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Updated: Fanzine 2 avalaible and first french lolita brand


Hi, every lolita around the world!!

Do you remember us? You know, the french association about lolita, rouge dentelle & rose ruban?
We have created a "fanzine", a magazine doing by not professionals lolitas. The number one was sold around the world (of course especially in France!) We have already sold nearly 300 of the fanzine!!

Lolita (our mascotte) and the number one, with interview of the Kokusyoku Sumire, biography of François Amoretti...

Nella, the presidente of the association, was interviewed about it and the fanzine by asuki magazine! Yipi!

We thanks for all of you for buying it, for coming alls our events (japan expo, paris manga, chibi japan expo and our own events...). Thanks you for pre order the second one!!

The second fanzine, l'empire des dentelles, arrived there is fews days ago. It is a colourfull fanzine, not white & black and 40 pages instead of 24 pages of the first number!!

Lolita loves Irene!

The cover is by Irene Orozco (gurololi, thanks a looooot Irene ;_;), there is an interview of Fumiko, designer of Chantilly, alls abouts parisian events (tea party angelic pretty and baby, the stars shine bright, japan expo) and a big article about the little red hidding hood story!

You can still order the first number of l'empire des dentelles, and the second is still available (but we have a LOT of orders... )

All information on our blog.

A post will be done soon (yes, I promise!!!) on egl comm sales!

The third number will be availble for january 2010. You will find a lot of things about Christmas, an interview of François Amoretti about his book, Gothic Lolita, and a sweet tale...(in fact, more things but it still a secret!)

Old posts:

and here too

Now I want to speak about the new french lolita brand called Lusty n' wonderland. Their website will be opened for overseas this week! Yeah!

These somes examples of their products (all these items will be soon sale on egl community sales - I wish tonaight, be patient-)




Mint set (tea time skirt, pierrot lover blouse)

A double bloomer (short or long...) !

The jsk empire with japon and bolero

A bolero pink and blue

The sweet worker

Somes advertissements (moedelling marie ange)

Modelling by Nella

And now, pics of the second fashion show of the brand in Chibi japan expo (october)

The sweet worker aristocratic

The tea time skirt

Jsk empire romantic pirate

Sweet worker like country lolita

Bloomer 'ero lolita

sweet lolita

And now somes pics from the backstage!!

The first OP of the brand: La rose d'encre!!

And now: the designer of the brand, Marie Ange

And the webmaster, Jonathan Tierce (he is also the designer of the fanzine)

A big post of sales will be done (tonight I wish) with all items and fanzine, so be patient and if you are interested, just take a look!!

Sorry for my poor and pitfull english... (my dear translator is in exam T-T)
And thanks for looking

See you soon

The fanzine team

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