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Baby store in Paris! :]


This weekend I managed to escape London and headed for Paris to trade the Thames for the Seine. While I was there of course I headed to the Baby the Stars Shine Bright boutique.

Firstly, I must say that I was a little surprised at the street that Baby is on! It sticks out like a sore thumb. But it was easy to get to on the Metro so that was handy. I practically ran into the store when I finally found it (seeing as I was just wandering up the street looking for it). The 2 employees were really polite and accommodating, of course, and let me play dress-up while a mixture of J-pop and the Ting Tings played. I had come in search of navy socks to match a Meta jsk I have, but all their socks were sadly either too light in color or had a clashing motif. But I did end up buying some beautiful cream hair bows! I wore one out when I went to Montmartre later that night :]

While everything was exceedingly expensive (more so than online, anyway), it was so nice to actually try things on before purchase! Something I think a lot of lolitas haven't experienced.

Anyway, onto the pictures!

Adorable store front!

I tried to get as much as I could in one shot....

Dresses and shooooeees! ♥

So many socks!

Hair stuff and jewelry.

I have been eying this dress online forever! I'm kind of glad they didn't have it in blue, otherwise I might have given in! (sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera fails at pictures without a flash)

I felt like Alice in this blue dress, but the cut made me look pregnant. Next, please!

I loved everything about this dress! Sadly it would have been around USD $450. Nooo ;________;

I loved walking around with my pink bag! I have plenty sitting around at home, but this one felt so special.

What I got, along with the cute postcard they put in my bag.

Tada! And I managed to get through the night without losing it, huzzah!

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Au revoir!

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