Nat (aurorahime) wrote in egl,

Coordinating nails

As a lover of nail deco, I have a LOAD of nail mook scans.

Looking through Decembers issue of Nail Max I found a few designs that could coordinate well with lolita dress designs!

(Cutie Christmas nails for a preview! even if they don't coordinate with anything.)

As soon as I saw these nails I instantly thought "Starry Night Theater!" You could change the background color to match any of the colorways~

Again with these ones, I instantly thought of Melty Chocolate when I saw them. But they'd be cute for more casual looks too! ♥

Even though the concept of these nails is very simple, they give off a great amount of sophisticated air. They could work for any dark blue tartan ensemble but I thought that they went especially well with this Innocent World JSK.

So do you have any nail coordinates?

Please share them! ♥
Tags: beauty: nails, coordinates: photos
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