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Teddy bear print..? I was getting ready to buy Baby's new Friend Usakumya Judy Jsk I started thinking...why aren't there more bear printed jsk's and op's??? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I'm a real fan of teddy bears~♥ Anything Bear, Teddy Bear related I absolutely LOVE but I can't seem to find many dresses with bear prints. I searched around the community as well EGL sales, but I can't find much. :/ (You may all laugh at my expense due to my failure. OTL) Lately all I see are bunnies and ponies. Which are well and good, because I love both but....where are the bears?? Could someone suggest to me bear printed jsk's and op's? Any brand is fine, I just need more bears! Or maybe even fabric with cute bear prints, and I will just make my own! xD Thank you in advance~♥♥♥♥

If this is too OT, please remove!
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