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Experience with One Day in Paradise + Bodyline and Lolita Lola Reviews

Hiya! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Review of One Day in Paradise:

So first is a review of ODIP. You're all very much aware of what's been happening between One Day in Paradise and clobbao. I was part of that GO and ordered a pair of white RHS and red heart buckle shoes early in October. I told mariko_senpai that I needed it by the 28th of November and she acknowledged that it would be shipped out by then.

However, not long after that, mariko_senpai sent that email letting us know of the order problems. You all know what those emails contained. For my part, I must admit that I got extremely worried, but I still gave mariko my full trust as I had done business with her before and was very happy with that outcome. At one point a refund for the red shoes was discussed since it was pretty much obvious it would never arrive here by November 28.

Long story short and after countless of emails, mariko found a white RHS in my size for me and just made compensation for the red shoes, and that was by participating on her Bodyline GO and just buying a pair of shoes of equal value.

She shipped out my items from Melbourne on Friday November 13th and, seeing as I just live in Sydney, it arrived today Monday November 16th. It was packaged very well, as can be seen here:

I cant speak for the others here, but my own experience with ODIP has been very professional with no drama. My emails and queries were all responded to promptly. All of my questions were answered. All in all 5/5.

Review of Lolita Lola RHS

The Lolita Lolas were in great condition. I wear 8.5-9 (39-40) Australian depending if they're normal shoes or closed like boots/sneakers. My feet measure at 24.5cm. I ordered a size 39 and they just, JUST fit. There's no room for socks at all (which is why I'm wearing it around the house right now so they wear out), but it should be fine with thin stockings.

I also have a question for all who already own a pair: Is this normal?

Are your RHS like that too?.

Review of Bodyline Shoes

Anyway, as for the Bodyline shoes, I got these ones to replace the heart buckle shoes:

It's not dark red like in BL's photos: It's cherry red which works out in my favour. I've read a lot of your Bodyline shoe reviews, and most of you are saying to get it in your own size, or at least a size down. Because of this I ordered my own size: 24.5.

I dnunno... I suppose it's only this particular model, but once again these shoes JUST fit. I feel my toes touching the tip of them. No room for socks at all. Next time I'm gonna order a 25 and just adjust the straps to fit my ankles.

EDIT:// Maybe I just have weirdo feet or Bodyline mislabelled this pair, but a lot of the people here got these shoes in their own sizes like me and they apparently fit perfectly fine. So I guess when it comes to sizing buy at your own discretion!

There IS something weird about these shoes though. The edge is lifted a little high so there's a large gap between your foot and the shoe, even with socks:

I don't know if you can see it well in that photo, but you get what I mean. The gap is actually larger than pictured. Just letting you all know as this is a pair that JUST fits, so I don't know how big that gap will be a size up.

Edit:// The gap is apparently non-existent for people with high arches, according to omigod_olive she doesn't have that gap. I don't have a high arch myself so maybe that's why the space is there for mine and decadent_dolls'

Nevertheless, they're still uber versatile shoes that I can use for things other than lolita. No flaws that I detected. I've heard of Bodyline soles falling apart after a few wears, so we'll wait and see how these cope with me (I walk a lot).

Holy Hera check out those heels!

Anyway I hope that was helpful. To summarize:
  • Experience with ODIP was professional and even pleasant under those circumstances
  • Lolita Lolas: order a size 40 if you're an Aussie 8.5 like me.
  • Bodyline: order half a size up for these shoes if you want to wear socks with it. That is, size 25 if your feet measure 24.5 like me.
EDIT:// The RHS fit and is probably only tight because they are brand spanking new. I'll wear them out. The BL one is still small lengthwise though, so I doubt I can do anything more about that.
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