your heart is my piñata (mizaya) wrote in egl,
your heart is my piñata

Notice for Secret Santa!

I just checked feedback and everyone who commented on the EGL Secret Santa thread with positive feedback has been approved. Please email your addresses (regardless of whether you PMed them to me before or not, sometimes my PM box is kind of wonky) to and put "EGL SECRET SANTA" in the subject line. If you don't email me your address within three days, you will not be able to participate. You will receive your assignments shortly after that along with instructions about when to send them out (a slightly pushed back date because of the lateness of this, I apologise again, but it'll still be due by earlyish December).

Be sure to tell me in your email who you are on LJ.

Once everyone gets their assignments, I'll make a post here with more detailed information.

EDIT: I actually missed a page so I will finish approving the people on that page tomorrow. Sorry, there were lots of pages and I lost track. You will ALL get your notice of approval or denial by tomorrow night and will have to send your address to my email within three days!

Thank you for understanding!

NOT EVERYONE HAS BEEN APPROVED YET. There is still a page of people to do that I missed, but I'll get everyone else done tonight. Don't worry if you haven't heard back yet; checking feedback etc takes time, but you will definitely know today either way.
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