Gabby (madidi) wrote in egl,

Question About Pink Montreal Shoes (Question Answered, TY)

Okay, so here's my situation. I recently bought a new pair of pink shoes, heart buckle replicas from Bodyline. They are nice shoes, and they're cute...but they're the wrong shade of pink for most of my dresses/skirts. I need a lighter pink like my old pair of pink shoes (which I'm trying to replace because they're wayyy too big and I have to stuff them).

I'm looking at a pair of pink Montreal shoes, and, since it's hard to tell from pictures sometimes, I was wondering what Montreal's pink is like. Is it a lighter pink?
Here are the photos of the current shoes I have so you can see the difference between the two and what I'm going for:

Old shoes, lighter pink, worn with a BTSSB Lucky Pack JSK.
I need them this color or close!

New Bodyline shoes, much darker.

So which is Montreal closer to? Would they be light enough?

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