miscy (miscy) wrote in egl,

Small Bodyline PSA

For those of you who are freaking out about how new Bodyline stock is SOLD OUT already in whatever size/colour OMG!!! I've noticed that when they add new items they frequently do not have all sizes/colourways immediately available. I can only assume that their supplier sent out one shipment that only included one size or colour and that the others will soon be in. Try checking back in a few weeks or asking them directly if the item is truly sold out in a size/color or if it simply isn't in stock yet. Several of my friends have been panicking about their new coat lol.

Edit: Perfect example- i purchased a JSK in one colourway once b/c my first preference was sold already (day 2 of it being on their site) only to find two weeks later OMG surprise the other colour was available.

Mods feel free to delete if this is too OT...
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