Farasha SilverSand (farasha) wrote in egl,
Farasha SilverSand

Going to start making some repros - questions!

I've recently redesigned my commission website, but it's a little empty. So I decided that I would find my favorite brand designs and start making reproductions to put up for sale. My questions for you are:

What are some of your favorite designs OR designs you would like to see reproduced?

What do you think would be the most challenging design to reproduce (I like to challenge myself)?

What do you look for when buying a repro piece?

Given that most brand dresses use custom prints that are pretty much impossible to find elsewhere, what are some print brand dresses you love, and some prints you would like to see them in?

I'll be posting plans, pictures and everything else to sew_loli once I decide where to start :3

(PS: Since this isn't a sale post I think it's within the rules, but if it's not, I apologize in advance)
Tags: sewing: help/questions
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