Nat (aurorahime) wrote in egl,

Quick Question

Does anyone know if baby has released the "Pony in sweet dream" converse style shoes yet?

I saw them once in an issue of KERA (not sure which one) and fell in love, I've been stalking the site since and they haven't appeared.

Does anyone know if they have them in store and haven't put them up online? Or haven't they been released yet?

Thanks ♥

EDIT: Okay so it seems they appeared in the winter catalog! If anyone has or can scan this it would be much appreciated!

They are around 12,000 yen which is reasonable for normal converse even, and judging by what Baby has with sizing these days, they should come in sizes S - LL.

Colors are White, Pink and Black!

Thankyou so much everyone for helping out ♥

EDIT EDIT: We have pictures people!

A big thanks to thu_rose!
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