nothing but trouble... (deedlelu) wrote in egl,
nothing but trouble...

Headband storage

Hello ladies! I have a quick question for which I cannot find any answers for in either the memories or via the search function so here it is:

I love headbands, and as my collection of them keeps growing, I seem to be having problems storing them. I used to keep them in a clear plastic case but they wont all fit now, specially because I have quite a bit of the acrylic kind. These tend to be kind of bulky, odd sized, and heavy.

So my question is, how do you store your headbands? I would like to keep them visible and hopefully lined up in one place. Pictures, description, tutorials, any information is welcome.

(google searching turned up some info on using oatmeal cans but this doesnt take into consideration that acrylic headbands are heavy and just fall off :(..)

Thanks girls!
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