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Review - Ebay seller Cosplay007

I know that ebay sellers are notoriously evil because they steal pictures from brand and make crappy fakes of them, but I was like hey, what have I got to lose aside from $80? I'll give it a shot. Besides, I'm not expecting anything brand quality for $80, that would just be plain crazy. Anyways. The picture has already been deleted, and for the life of me I can't find it anywhere. It was an off white blouse with a red dress, the style where the bodice is really low on the chest, you know the one. Anyways, I asked for it in black with black lace. And this is what I got:
Urch. I tried to embed for half an hour, I have no idea whats wrong. Here's the link:

As you can see, I was going out.
My review of them is:
Communication: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Shipping: 5/5

Its actually made better than I expected: it fits well, the zip is invisible, the eyelets are put in correctly and the hem is even. All the seams are even overlocked (serged). The few things I find wrong with it:
-the buttons are sewn on really loosly on the blouse. Not a big deal, you could easy sew them on again, its just they should be done properly in the first place.
- the iron on is left in the seams, which is fine on the inside, but there was a bit on the waist tie that you could see, being white on an all black garment. Also not a big deal, I just snipped it off.
- The lace is crap. Its synthetic and a bit gross and cheap. It okay... I mean I was going to replace it until I realised I would have to pull the whole skirt apart to do so, and then I went "hey, its not that bad!" At least they put some chiffon backing to it to make it look a bit better. Just dont touch it! haha.
(see the photostream in the link for pictures of sleeve lace crappyness and iron on pocking out!)

Overall, a good review. If you dont want to pay for brand and you want something a bit cheaper (and possibly cheaper looking) Cosplay007 is okay by me. Ofc they'll never be as good as the brand pictures they steal, but the designs are the same/similar and if you can get it made to your size, yay! In short, if you want brand, buy brand. If you want cheaper stuff, Cosplay007 is decent enough. You get what you pay for!
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