Cecilia : B (loli_scarecrow) wrote in egl,
Cecilia : B

Suppurate system & bird cage sellers?

This is kind of an odd question,
I've been really inspired by SS rotten apple effect with the foam and the slime coming out of it. Does anyone know how to recreate this effect? [I don't have stock photos, I'm sorry, but maybe someone will know what I'm talking about!]
I want to say resin or coloured silicon..

Where do you lovely ladies buy your bird cages? The empty ones you fill with flowers and all sorts of goodness
I want to buy a couple and make some cages filled with awesome sauce D:<
like this but... you know what I'm talking about.
I've been scouring ebay, with no luck for many a moon.
Tags: *suppurate system, request: information, request: site recs/reviews, request: store recs/reviews
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