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Possible Group Order for An*ten*na Maryjane RockingHorse Replicas?

I recently contacted Qcute about the possibility of making replicas of the An*ten*na Rockinghorse Shoes in the Maryjane style and to my surprise found out that Miranda Shoes do in fact make custom replicas and that others were interested in the making of them.

So, my question is...

Would anyone like to form a group order of sorts for replicas of the Maryjane style of An*ten*na Rockinghorse Shoes? I personally wouldn't be involved in the shipment of the shoes (Qcute would be doing that), but I will be acting as a middleman in gathering all the email addresses/shoe size/color request from the people who would like to join in (and emailing this list to Qcute) and I will be receiving the sample shoes before the final manufacturing of the shoes we would receive. If you would like to join, please PM me or post below your shoe size, color requested, and your email address. All and any questions are welcome :)

BTW, here are extra details on the shoes and what you'll have to send me:
1. The platform WILL NOT be made out of wood or foam, but out of high density EVA.
2. The price of the shoes will be 400 HKD/52 USD for anything at or below 24.5 cm. I have yet to receive anything on the price increase for anything above that size. But I should be getting a price quote for a size 26.5 soon (which is my own foot size), so I should be able to give a price quote for bigger sizes soon.
3. Production time is currently at a 25-30+ days for the first sample and additional time for the second (in order to iron out the kinks of the first sample if they occur). So it may take up to 2-3 months before we get the final product.
4. Please PM me or Post below your: Email Address, Shoe Size in cm, and color requested. I don't know for a fact if we can have them manufactured in multiple colors (since I only requested them in black), but I'll be more than happy to email them if we can get them in multiple colors.
5. I WILL NOT BE SHIPPING OUT THE SHOES! Qcute would be shipping out the shoes. I will only be the recipient of the sample shoes and your email addresses, shoe size, and color request.
6. I will admit, I have no experience with group orders. Apart from running a Amazon store for 8 years or so, I don't have much business experience.

Here's a picture of what the finished product should resemble. This picture does not belong to me, and if anyone knows who it belongs to, I would be more than happy to credit them or take the picture down if they request it.

Sorry for the long post!
Edit: Also, you could drop me an email at Please put Antenna Shoes GO in the subject line.
Edit 2: I forgot to mention that payment WILL NOT be due until the final product is ready to be made for you guys. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who'll be paying right now since I'm the receiver of the sample product(s), but you guys should be billed much later.
Edit 3: Sorry, I should have said this earlier but I know for a fact that Miranda Shoes can manufacture these shoes in their standard colors (Pink, White, Black, and Creamy). I will be emailing Qcute tonight on whether or not we can include other colors (such as red).

Just got an Email from Qcute about max sizes and colors available:

1.The shoes are currently only going up to a size 27, but I'm going to try and fight hard on that one so we can accommodate all foot sizes.
2. These shoes will come in these colors: White, Black, Pink, Red, Brown, and Sky Blue.

Here's more update's on the shoe order:
1. While these ARE NOT the exact prices, Qcute quotes that the price for the shoes will cost either this much or somewhere around these price quotes:
Size 22-24.5cm: HKD$400/52 USD/35 Euros/31 Pounds
Size 25cm-25.5cm: HKD$435/57 USD/38 Euros/34 Pounds
Size 26cm-26.5cm: HKD$475/62 USD/41 Euros/37 Pounds
Size 27cm: HKD$500/65 USD/44 Euros/39 Pounds

2. Yes it is possible to order shoes over a size 27 cm BUTTTTT it'll largely depend on how many would want that size due to significant price increases and the fact that they would have to create more molds and etc. So if more people order bigger sizes, than Miranda Shoes will make them.
3. I do not have a price quote on shipping since that varies and is based on where everyone is located. But I do know shipping will be high due to the heavy weight of the shoes (about 1.5 kg or more depending on the size). So far as a reference, Qcute has said shipping to the US will be about $267 HKD/35 USD and to Western Europe (excluding the Netherlands) will be about 294 HKD/26 Euro/23 Pounds.
4.As stated earlier, once the final sample product is finished, they will be ready to take orders.

Thats pretty much all the info I can give you guys until the sample shoes come in (unless I get anything else on prices, shipping, etc etc).

The sample shoe pictures are in! What do you think of them? Do you think any changes need to be made?

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