A. (noaeuve) wrote in egl,

The Back Problem

Dear fellow lolitas,

I'm such a desperate newbie right now and I'm asking you for help concerning a special problem of mine: my back.

Actually, I have a normal figure, thin legs and easily fit into a German 36. I thought I was slim enough to fit into dresses and I never had any problems before with fitting into Baby's small skirts.

Back in August I ordered my first JSK and couldn't wait trying it on until I noticed the zipper stopped at my back: it's too big for any of the dresses I ever tried to wear or I'm planning to wear. Another JSK just arrived a few minutes ago, with no shirring, for sure my back was the only problem.

Do you have any advices how I to wear the dresses, though? I'm not a skirt type and I adore my dresses..
Tags: discussion: size in lolita
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